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In 1972  while living in Nebraska, I was browsing in a bookstore when I came across a book on yoga.  I had no intention of buying anything, yet the book fascinated me enough that I decided to buy it. This book was called “Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation” by Jess Stern. I crossed paths with Kundalini Yoga a few months later and went on to become a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in 1974. This is what brought sustenance to my life and since then I have studied other healing therapies that are in sync with the body/mind/spirit practice.  A sampling includes herbology, muscular kinesiology, Ayurveda, martial arts, and feng shui.  One of my passions is foraging for wild edibles such as herbs, fiddlehead ferns and mushrooms.  


To go along with my interest in natural therapies and be really fulfilled, I felt the urge to share my knowledge and expertise with others. This is what led me to study Structural Integration. In structural integration, I needed therapy that has these qualities:  To empower the client;  The results are long lasting;  Promote self growth with little or no drawbacks.  I searched and found that Structural Integration fits these criteria perfectly.  


I attended massage school, passed the national board exam and became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).  I then attended the Guild for Structural Integration at the international training center in Salt Lake City and became a Certified Practitioner. In addition, I have been a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor for over 40 years. 

About Structural Integration

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Starting around the 1940s, a biochemist named Dr. Ida P. Rolf was studying yoga, homeopathy, osteopathy and chiropractic.  Her interest was piqued and she came to a conclusion that the imbalance of alignment was the cause of many problems.  When the body is misaligned, gravity will tend to pull it more out of alignment and cause more tension in the body.  Ms. Rolf’s solution was to align the body so it functioned optimally.  This involved manipulating the fascia or connective tissue so the fascia would slide over other fascia more easily. 


"I had been in pain for weeks prior and afterwards was tender from the deep manipulation for a couple days...The pain I had been in was - gone. My muscular skeletal system has challenges from scoliosis and many injuries especially to my whole rib cage, neck, shoulder joints and hips. As I write this, over two weeks since your work from "chronic" pain is still, fortunately, absent! My first session with you 3 years ago after my son's death always left an impact on me the quality you do. I am a licensed bodyworker myself and have been worked on by many people and styles. I am so grateful we meet again for another session. Your work is far is some of the best I have experienced and the price affordable. I'd rather have one of your sessions than a handful of other massage work sessions. It lasts and is effective." - Brenda Smart
"One of the best massages I have ever had. Gurubandhu is detailed and works in places on the body other people miss." - Demetria, Owner of Massage Therapy Studio that employs five practitioners in Denver, Colorado
"Gurubandhu's treatment took most of my problems in my back away. I feel a lot better." - Guru Mantra Singh, Yoga Teacher & Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner


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